About Us



One Stone Development Companysupports clients at the intersection of people and strategy by leading client projects to drive change, coaching leaders driving change and providing strategic guidance on "what's next." 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to inspire people to become who they really are and do what they really love so they can achieve more for others. 

Our Principles

  • Commit to authenticity.
  • Spread the abundance mentality.
  • Act with respect for all people.
  • Stay curious, listen and learn.  
  • Be one.
  • Live gratefully. 

Our Relationships

Our relationships are with those who choose to lead. We have your back. You walk an uncomfortable path and bridge painful gaps for people. It is not easy. It is meaningful.  

You are willing to step forward and shepherd others through turbulent change. When you face the giants ahead, One Stone is all you need. We are grateful for each relationship.  Our relationships define our assignments.  Each assignment will deepen our relationship. 

Our Services

  • Leadership Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Organizational Development

Our Experience

Joe Reagan brings over 25 years of executive experience as CEO, COO, functional leader and entrepreneur to each client assignment. 

Joe reagan, founder & CEO

Alongside CEOs, entrepreneurs, mayors, governors, neighborhood advocates and other leaders, Joe Reagan has helped people succeed in the most complex situations facing businesses and communities in America today.

He developed top-performing leadership teams for three metropolitan chamber and economic development organizations. He’s the former CEO of the St Louis Regional Chamber and Greater Louisville Inc. Joe has earned national respect for his “people-first” strategies in economic and organizational development and is a passionate advocate for racial equity, educational attainment and workforce preparedness.